The students of Lugulu girls took to the streets for demonstrations on fears for their security in the learning institution. This comes after defilement allegations to one of them on Saturday morning 5th of December 2020. It is reported that one of the girls was ambushed by an unknown man on that morning while she was taking a shower. The girl screamed to alert others who came to her rescue and the unknown man fled away.

The matter is said to have been reported to the school administration and purportedly no further action was taken, hence the students decided to seek audience from the ministry of education, the police and the public in general. It is said that such incidents have been on the increase in the institution.

Sources indicated that the unrest begun yesterday night then climaxed today morning when the students physically took to the streets to air out their grievances. They sought to be heard by the ministry of education and then went to Webuye police station to ensure that the matter is heard and resolved.

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