Trump Loses Pennsylvania case

Trump Loses Pennsylvania case

Trump Loses Pennsylvania case: The Trump led republicans were handed a defeat by the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday 8th November 2020 in a case that was seeking to throw out up to 2.5 million mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania. The move was an effort to overturn President Donald Trump’s election loss in the state.

Trump who lost to President Elect Joe Biden, has several other election cases pending in court seeking to overturn his loss on allegations of wide spread voting fraud in the November elections.

Pennsylvania was one of the crucial states in the November election, Trump a republican, had won this state back in the 2016 elections and this time round Biden, a Democrat, won.

Biden won Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes and had a significant amount of the mail in ballots compared to Trump. The number of mail in ballots were higher in this election as part of the safety measures put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid crowds.

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