Standard Chartered Bank Careers: Senior Operational Risk Officer, South Africa

Position: Senior Operational Risk Officer, South Africa

Job Location:  South Africa-Johannesburg

Application Deadline: 28th January 2021

The Role Responsibilities & Our Ideal Candidate

Implement ORTF in country

  • Run Implementation Oversight Forum in country and track milestones to completion
  • Critically assess local deviations from Group Standard Processes and drive the standardization agenda in country
  • Ensure all local differences are documented in Country Addenda, approved by the relevant PGC and fully implemented in the ORTF
  • Support in country training for ORTF implementation
  • Deliver in country training on Operational Risk Platforms

Embed use of ORTF in country

  • Embed Top Risks in metrics and ensure those risks are managed in country
  • Ensure the completeness of the Operational Risk Profile at country level, including consideration of all risks which have been accepted by Group risk committees
  • Table the Risk Information Report and risk management action plans at CNFRC
  • Recommend and oversee implementation of business restrictions, process and/or control improvements where necessary
  • Plan and deliver scenario analysis and stress tests to CNFRC
  • Be the focal point of operational risk review on strategy, process and control embedded in the country to ensure fit for growth

Ensure compliance with OR policies

  • Ensure immediate escalation to Group of unsatisfactory operational risk events
  • Drive comprehensive, high quality root cause analysis of unsatisfactory operational risk events and agree risk management action plans with Local Process Owners
  • Ensure new activities, changes to processes and products conform with the Project Governance Policy and the Product Governance Policy
  • Monthly oversight of gross and residual risk ratings and risks requiring escalation under the Risk Assessment and Acceptance Policy
  • Embed Operational Risk policies, ensuring first and second line are aware of and understand their responsibilities under them

Deliver second line assurance

  • Assurance over integrity of country level ORTF metrics (KCIs, CSTs, KRIs) for all processes
  • Monthly assurance of residual risk assessments using the Group Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Ensure controls are operating effectively and defects are resolved or escalated according to the ORTF Hierarchy of Monitoring
  • Identify differences in standards set by Country Risk Control Owners and escalate to CCRO
  • Monthly assurance performed on identified processes and controls mapped under top risks in the country
  • Maintain end-to-end oversight of all risks, which have escalated to Group for acceptance and conditions and other feedback given to the country about them

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