Job Interview: Best Tips on How to Nail It


Job Interview: Best Tips on How to Nail It

Job Interview

Job interviews more often than not tend to attract tension, panic, nervousness, and such behavioral changes. Don’t worry so much, you are just getting to know each other. It is very important to understand that a job interview is a familiarization process, i.e., your prospective employer is getting to know you, and on the other hand, you are getting to know your prospective employer. You can equate this process to date.

Up to the point when you are shortlisted for a job interview, the prospective employer only knows you on paper or has a theory about you based on the facts presented in your application. There are specific qualities that your prospective employer has seen on your application and it is now for you to demonstrate those qualities. You have been chosen from a list of many applicants and therefore you are held in high regard, your remaining task is just to exceed the expectations of the interviewer. We are going to highlight a few tips to help you achieve this mission.


When you are preparing for the job interview you need to know the following:


Get to know your Prospective Employer

This simply means that you do some research about the organization, get yourself on a fact-finding mission about the organization.  This will not only make the interview session more engaging but also help you be at ease because you will be discussing things that you are familiar with. In your fact-finding mission you should be looking for the following:

  • History of the organization.
  • The location of the organization including the head office and branches if any.
  • The management style of the organization
  • Values the organization stands for
  • The products and services and so much more.

Get to know the Exact Location and Time of the Interview

This will help you plan accordingly, if possible, visit the place to familiarize yourself. You should get to know how long it will take you to get to the location, to help you manage your time accordingly. If it is a virtual interview ensure that you have what it takes, for instance, you should have a steady internet connection, identify a location that is conducive for the virtual interview, for instance; the place should not be noisy, the background should not be destructive and such like factors to check.

Get your facts straight

By this, we simply imply that you need to refresh your memory on your previous and current achievements as well as facts related to your current and previous jobs. This will help you answer some of the expected questions during the job interview. You will definitely be asked a question about your current or previous job with specific examples. For Example, give an example of when you had to work to an important deadline, or such like questions.

Review the Job you Applied for

As the heading suggests, you need to review the job you applied for by checking how suitable you are for the position. This will clearly help you outline your strengths and their applicability to the job. You are the best judge of yourself and you know what you can do best. This will also help you answer some of the interview questions.

The above factors are to help you prepare mentally. You also need to prepare physically for the interview. Things to consider in your physical preparation for the interview.

  • Dress code: You need to look presentable, remember you are going for a business meeting so dress like it.
  • Documentation: You need to put all the required documents in order. Ensure that you have everything that is needed during the interview.
  • Timekeeping: Lateness is not an option. Arrive on time for your interview. Don’t be too early for the interview.

Points to Always Remember

  • First impressions are lasting impressions and remember you are selling yourself, therefore you need to convince the interviewing panel to buy you.
  • Be courteous, a little courtesy goes a long way.
  • Follow the interviewer’s lead, let them set the tone of the interview.
  • Remember to be a good listener as well as a good talker. Only answer what you have been asked to avoid getting yourself in an awkward situation.
  • People skills are very important, remember you will not be working alone.
  • Your attitude is key: Even though they say it’s hard to change someone’s attitude, just keep in mind that candidates with the right attitude tend to be recruited.
  • Always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the job you are discussing.
  • Do not talk ill of your current or previous employer or anything you may be asked to comment on.
  • Remember that during an interview the suitability of your candidature is being evaluated, so not only are your skills being tested but also how you are going to fit in the organization. Questions will be asked to evaluate you as well as body language check. Do not be afraid of the questions that will be asked, because there are only two outcomes i.e., either you know, or you don’t know. Keep in mind that not knowing is part of knowing, so be honest.

Additional Important Points 

  • Your values and those of the organization need to be in harmony otherwise it will be difficult to fit in. You can be the best salesperson ever but if you do not believe in the product you are selling, it will be very difficult to sell it.
  • Remember you are selling yourself so describe your accomplishments and how they apply to the prospective job.
  • Do not focus on the salary, it is just an aspect of the job. Remember you are a product, and you have a price tag, so if you are asked don’t be afraid to mention your price tag. If you are the right fit for the job your potential employer will pay for your price tag.
  • If you are given a chance to ask questions, remember to focus on the job. The following Questions would be ideal:
    • What training programmes are available to ensure continued personal and career development?
    • What plans does the organization have for future development?
  • Show interest in the position, otherwise, you are in the wrong place. Enquire about the next interview stage.
  • If you are offered the position, accept on the spot. If you wish for some time to think it over, be courteous and tactful in asking for that time. Remember to be very specific in your answer.
  • The most important thing is for you to be yourself and be honest. This will help you get the job that you desire.

The Outcomes of an Interview 

The outcome of an interview could be one of the following

  • You really like your prospective employer, and they don’t like you back (In this case don’t worry, there is always another chance).
  • Your prospective employer likes you and you don’t like them back.
  • You both like each other and you would like to move to the next step.

All the Best 


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