Why a good attitude is more valuable than experience

Why a good attitude is more valuable than experience

Good Attitude

Your attitude towards something is a reflection of how you are going to handle matters towards that subject, a good attitude propels you further.  Simply put, attitude is how you view things, or the thinking, or feeling about something. A good attitude is a very important attribute in the workplace or in your career path. When you are passionate about something, you would want to give it your all. The characteristics of a good attitude are: taking ownership, going the extra mile, being open to learning more, and such like characteristics towards a subject matter.  In other words, someone who is keen to take part and actively expand their skills and knowledge.

Good Attitude Matters

Employers tend to recruit candidates with a good attitude towards the job and the workplace. Having a passion for the role, a good attitude and a willingness to learn can make you more attractive to recruiters. This is because these candidates tend to fit well within the organization. They can easily conform to the organization’s culture. This implies that they can enhance the team spirit within the organization and in turn, help achieve the organization’s objectives. Employers value a positive attitude because of the impact it can have in the workplace. Remember, you don’t need to be in a senior role like a manager or leader to make a difference. It’s important to always note that any role gives you an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Good Attitude

You might be equipped with vast experience and a set of skills, but you are not a good fit for the organization, as they say, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. The problem is not your inability to work but rather the organization might be fast-paced for you. Employers are always looking for people who add value to the organization’s culture, this is important to employers. Take note that, the benefits you bring to the organization often matter more than your experience and qualifications. Please note further that employers hire the whole person (personality Matters), and your positive vibes come in handy.

Good Attitude

At the end of the day, your skills and experiences will not fail you but your inability to fit within the organization’s culture will.

This article does not imply that your skills and experiences are useless but rather a good attitude makes them more attractive.

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