The Chosen TV Series – 1 Amazing Story of Jesus

The Chosen TV Series

The Chosen TV Series – Amazing Story of Jesus

The Chosen TV Series is about the story of Jesus Christ and His Ministry with the disciples. The amazing story of God’s love to humanity. It brings out the moments in Jesus Christ’s life through dramatization of the events. The series complements the events written in the Holy Bible and it is rooted in scripture. The series gives an insight to the life of Jesus as well as the life of His disciples. 

The Creator of The Chosen TV Series

The Chosen TV Series

The Series is created and directed by Dallas Jenkins. It provides cultural context for ancient events and also gives perspective of the events through those who interacted with Jesus. The chosen is a crowdfunded media project, this implies that people have contributed/donated funds towards the production of the series.  It is produced by Angel Studios and is the largest crowdfunded media project in history.

The Chosen TV Series

The production team of this amazing series has been working with historical consultants, cultural consultants as well as biblical consultants to make sure that the back stories are rooted in the intentions and character of scripture and of the time.

Christmas With The Chosen – Special Episode

The Chosen TV Series: Seasons and Episodes

The chosen has so far released three seasons with eight episodes each. Production of Season 4 is on going and we shall up date you as soon as the released. Stay tuned.

The Chosen Season 1

Season 1 was fully funded in November 2019. The funding for the season was done by 75,346 people and they contributed a total of USD 10,000,000.  Season 1 has 8 episodes as listed below.  

  1. I have called you by name  
  1. Shabbat  
  1. Jesus Loves the Little Children  
  1. The rock o which it is built 
  1. The wedding Gift  
  1. Indescribable compassion 
  1. Invitations  
  1. I am He   

Download the Chosen App from the Links Below. Click on Google play for Android devices and App Store for apple devices.

The Chosen Season 2

Season 2 was fully funded in November 2020. The funding for the season was done by 125,346 people and they contributed a total of USD 10,000,000.  Season 2 has 8 episodes as listed below. 

  1. Thunder  
  1. I saw You  
  1. Matthew 4:24 
  1. The perfect Opportunity  
  1. Spirit  
  1. Unlawful  
  1. Reckoning  
  1. Beyond Mountains  

How to Watch The Chosen Tv series

The Series can be streamed for free via the following links. It is free because someone contributed to the production.  It is a Crowdfunded media project.

You can stream it from the Chosen App. Visit www.thechosen.tv/app to download the App. The App is also available both on Google play store and apple app store. 

You can also watch it via the You Version bible App (The Bible App has the complete season 1) . You can also watch the series from www.bible.com

The creators of the series intend to produce more seasons and currently (November 2021) production of Season 3 in ongoing. Funding for season 3 is currently at 90%, so expect the premier of The Chosen Season 3 soon.  You can also be part of the contributors to the production of more seasons and episodes. Visit the Angel Studios under the Pay it Forward to contribute.  You can also buy merchandise from the Angel Studios Website. Visit the store via the link.  

Cast of the Chosen TV Series

Get to know the main cast of the Chosen TV series. Below is a list of the main cast and their respective roles in the Series.

The Chosen Cast

Jonathan Roumie – As Jesus Christ   

Shahar Isaac – Simon Peter 

Paras Patel – Mathew  

Vanessa Benavente – Mary Mother of Jesus 

George Harrison Xanthis – John 

Elizabeth Tabish – Mary Magdalene 

Eric Avari – Nicodemus 

Jordan Walker Ross – James (Little) 

Yasmine Al- Bustami – Ramah 

Lara Silva – Eden wife to Simon 

Brandon Potter – Quintus – A Roman Magistrate 

Noah James – Andrew brother to Simon Peter   

Shayan Sobhian – Big James (Season 1 Episode 1-4) 

Kian Kavousi – Big James (Season 1 from Episode 5) 

Abe Martell – Big James (season 2) 

Kirk B. R. Woller – Gaius – A Roman Centurion 

Janis Dardaris – Zohara wife to Nicodemus  

Nick Shakoour – Zebedee 

Austin Reed Alleman – Nathanael 

Yoshi Barrigas – Philip 

Joey Vahedi – Thomas 

Stelio Savante – Moses 

Alaa Safi – Simon Z 

Luke Dimyan – Judas 

Shaan Sharma – Shmuel one of the Pharisees 

Giavani Cairo – Thaddeus  

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