Chloride Solar – Energy Solutions for all

Chloride Solar

Chloride Solar

Chloride Solar – Energy Solutions for All

Chloride Exide is the company that is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Chloride Solar systems. It is one of the leading and pioneers in providing solar solutions in the region. They are known for their lasting batteries as well as solar solutions. Their workmanship has elevated their brand to be one of the trusted household names in energy solution. Chloride Exide is delighted to have been part of so many successful solar projects within the region as well as those ongoing and more to come. They have wide presence in the East African region. You can buy their products online via the links below. Click on the product category to get the details of the products in that category and pricing.

Their Products include: 

Brief About Chloride Exide  – Chloride Solar

Chloride Solar

Chloride Exide, has three locally owned limited liability companies in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The Companies are:

  • Kenya: Chloride Exide Kenya Limited (CEKL) was established in 1963,
  • Tanzania: Chloride Exide Tanzania Limited (CETL) established in 1966 and
  • Uganda: Chloride Exide Uganda Limited (CEUL) Formerly Battery Masters – established in 2001.

The company’s core business is distribution of automotive batteries, solar systems installation, backup systems installation, and solar water heating systems installations. 

Their Vision is : “Energy Solutions – For All!“ 

Chloride Exide has grown from a single based operation to being the largest battery and renewable energy distributor in the East African region while enjoying considerable presence in the COMESA trading block. Of particular pride is their strong brand supported by a region wide network of over 18 branches and over 1500 dealers across the East African region. 

Their Mission is: “To provide quality batteries, solar panels and related energy solutions while consistently exceeding customer expectations and ensuring continued market expansion “ 

Chloride Exide Physical Presence in The Region


Chloride Solar

Headquarters, Exsan House, Off Enterprise Rd, Industrial Area, Nairobi. Postal address: P.O BOX 14242 – 00800, Nairobi . 

Phone 1: +254 719 080 000; Phone 2: 020 400 8000  

Email: customerservice@chlorideexide.com   

Website: www.chlorideexide.com   

Facebook: chlorideexide  

Twitter: @chlorideexide 


Physical location: Karen Triangle Shopping Mall, Karen Road  

Phone number: +254 719 080 000 

ABM Retail Depot

Physical location: Along Kampala Road,  Industrial Area  


Physical location: Kaptagat Saw Mills Building, Opp. Western Stage, Eldoret, Uganda Road  

Phone number: +254 719 080 000


Physical location: Next to Cement Centre, Kamas, Obote Rd, Kisumu  


Physical location: Tangana Road, Off Moi Avenue, Mombasa.   


Physical location: Along Meru-Nairobi Highway  


Physical location: Esso Motors, Kenyatta Avenue  


Physical location: Gate House, Mburu Gichua Rd  


Physical location: Nyamachara House, Kisii-Kisumu highway, Daraja Mbili Market  


Physical location: Mak Asembo Street  


Physical location: Mbiu Kaniu Rd  


Physical location: Inn House, Kenyatta Avenue  


Physical location: Kimathi Way   


Physical location: Njuri Ncheke Street  


chloride Solar
Dar Es Salaam

Head office  

Physical location: Millenium Business Park, Morogoro Road, Shekilango, Ubungo  

Phone: +255 715 755 555 

Email: customerservicetz@chlorideexide.com 

Facebook: ChlorideTanzania 


Physical location: Majembe Auction Mat, Soweto  


Physical location: Kenyatta Road, Igogo  


Physical location: Simeon Rd, Kijenge Area  



Head Office  

Physical location: Kinyara Building, Industrial Area, Second Street, Kampala. 

Phone: +256 200 400 900 

Email: customerserviceug@chlorideexide.com 

Facebook: ChlorideUganda 

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Chloride Solar

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