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Fanisi Fertilizer

The Fertilizer Experts for Precision Agriculture

Fanisi Fertilizer, Fanisi Mazao, Faida Kibao

The Fanisi technical team are fertilizer experts. They have been researching and developing soil and crop specific fertilizers in Kenya for more than 25 years. Their experience enables the production of fertilizers that match soil conditions with precise nutrient requirements, so farmers can enjoy higher, healthier yields, year after year. 

They have continuous research to match the ever-changing environment. Due to global warming and the changing rainfall patterns in the region, they recently developed slow release, ‘climate smart’ precision nutrient applications, ensuring all nutrients are available to the plant at the right 

time. As conditions change, Fanisi changes too. Fanisi Fertilizers consistently deliver more of the precise nutrients to the precise requirements of the soil on your farm. A generation of farmers have depended on them for higher yields. 

Soil and plant Research and Development

Fanisi conducts soil testing to determine the best fertilizer for the crops on your farm. This is in an effort to ensure that the farmer gets the right fertilizer. They study 18 parameters, including:  

  • Nitrogen,  
  • Phosphorus,  
  • Potassium,  
  • Calcium,  
  • Magnesium, 
  • Sulphur,  
  • Zinc,  
  • Boron,  
  • Manganese,  
  • Copper,  
  • Chlorine,  
  • Iron, 
  • Silicon,  
  • organic matter,  
  • soil pH, and  
  • electrical conductivity. 

These analysis enables them to produce farm specific fertilizer Formulations. They also work closely with local and international research centers and agricultural colleges. The goal is straightforward: To help the farmer realize the highest possible crop yields. 

Crop Specific Precision Fertilizer

Fanisi Fertilizer
Maize Planting Fertilizer
Fanisi Fertilizer
Tea Fertilizer
Fanisi Fertilizer
Coffee Fertilizer
Banana Planting Fertilizer
Sugarcane Planting Fertilizer
Potatoes Planting Fertilizer
Top Dressing Fertilizer
Peas & Beans Fertilizers
Rice Fertilizer

Their Fertilizer formulations are designed for maximum nutrient uptake by releasing the precise nutrients at each stage of growth. 

Nutrients Uptake At Each Stage Of Plant Growth

Take Zinc (Zn) for example, it is the single most limiting nutrient for higher yields. It is required at early rooting stage and is essential for metabolic reactions and producing enzyme systems. At vegetative growth stage, zinc ensures a healthy green leaf and large, tall maize stalks. And at flowering stage, zinc ensures the leaves are not yellowing. That’s one of the ways Fanisi delivers a constant and continuous supply of precise nutrients to ensure optimum growth and maximum yield. 

Fanisi Availability in the Market

Fanisi Fertilizer is available at Major agro-dealers countrywide. They do deliveries as well. Contact Fanisi for More details.

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