Services at Huduma Centre: Important Gov Services

Brief About Huduma Centre – Services at Huduma Centre

Services at Huduma Centre

The Huduma Centres and the services at huduma centre are a government of Kenya initiative to ensure government services are close to the citizens. This idea was initiated by the Huduma Kenya Programme which is a government initiative whose aim is to turn around public service delivery by providing efficient and accessible Government services at the convenience of citizens through various integrated service delivery platforms. Huduma Centres are under the Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender Affairs.  

Services at Huduma Centre

Huduma Centres offers Services by Appointment. 

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Services at huduma centre :

The government conveniently offers various government services at huduma centre. This important services include the following which are listed below. The details of the same are in the subsequent sub-topic in the article. here is the list of the services at huduma centre:

Government Services at huduma centre
  • National Social Security Fund.
  • National Hospital Insurance Fund.
  • Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • National Construction Authority.
  • Civil Registration Department.
  • Kenya Power.
  • Business Name Search and Registration.
  • National Registration Bureau.
  • And so much more – Click Here to see more

National Social Security Fund – NSSF Services at Huduma Centres

  • Replacement of NSSF Card 
  • Application for NSSF Membership (Individual) 
  • NSSF Employer Registration 
  • Application of Survivor Benefits 
  • NSSF Statements 
  • NSSF Claims/NSSF Benefits 

National Hospital Insurance Fund – NHIF Services at Huduma Centres

  • Replacement of NHIF Card 
  • NHIF Membership Registration 
  • Amendment of Existing Membership 

Kenya Revenue Authority – KRA Services at Huduma Centres

  • KRA PIN Registration and PIN Update 
  • Tax Compliance Certificate Application 
  • KRA PIN Data Correction 
  • Tax Return Filing (upload and submission) 
  • Application of Tax Compliance Certificate 
  • Application of Tax Amnesty for Diaspora Citizens 

National Construction Authority – NCA Services at Huduma Centres

  • Obtain a Construction/Building Permit and Issuance of Compliance Certificate 

Civil Registration Department Services at Huduma Centres

  • Birth Notification/Registration (Immediately or within 6 months after birth) 
  • Issuance of Birth Certificate 
  • Late Notification/Registration of Birth of Children born to Kenyan Parents in Kenya 
  • Late Notification/Registration of Birth of Adults born to Kenyan Parents in Kenya 
  • Registration of Birth of Kenyans Occurring abroad and Issuance of Kenyan Birth Certificates 
  • Late Notification/Registration of Birth of Children born to Kenyan Single Mothers in Kenya 
  • Late Notification/Registration of Birth of Adults born to Non-Kenyan Parents in Kenya 
  • Birth Re-registration Upon Legitimacy 
  • Birth Re-registration Upon Recognition 
  • Replacement of Birth Certificate 
  • Reporting Death 
  • Burial Permit 
  • Issuance of Death Certificate for all Deaths Occurring in Kenya 
  • Late Registration of Death (After 3 months from the time of death) 
  • Registration of Death of Kenyans Occurring Abroad 
  • Authentication/Confirmation of Death Certificates 

Kenya Power Services at Huduma Centres

  • Application for Electricity Connection 

Business Name Search and Registration Services at Huduma Centres

  • Name Search for Business or Company 
  • Registration of Business Name 
  • Company Registration 

National Registration Bureau Services at Huduma Centres

  • Getting Initial Identification Card 
  • Getting Duplicate Identification Card 
  • Changing of Particulars in one’s ID Card 

Gender and Affirmative Action Funds Services at Huduma Centres

Credit Services for Women Entrepreneurs 

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission – IEBC Services at Huduma Centres

  • Registration as a Voter 

State Department for Immigration, Border Control and Registration of Persons Services at Huduma Centres

  • Application for a Kenyan Passport 
  • Application for Replacement of an Expired or Filled Up Kenyan Passport 
  • Replacement of Lost or Mutilated Passport 
  • Application for a Temporary Passport 
  • Make Application for a VISA 
  • Application for Permits or Passes 

Kenya Police Service at Huduma Centres

  • Application of Certificate of Good Conduct 
  • Issuance of Police Abstract 

The State Department for Labour Services at Huduma Centres

  • Application for Older Persons Grant 
  • Registration of Self-Help Groups 
  • Registration of Community Based Organizations 
  • Renewal of Self-Help Group Certificates 
  • Renewal of Community Based Organization Certificates 
  • Replacement of Self-Help Group Certificates 
  • Replacement of Community Based Organization Certificate 

Ministry of Lands Services at Huduma Centres

  • Application of Land Search Certificate 
  • Application of Land Title Deed 
  • Processing Application for Change of User or Extension of Lease 
  • Processing of Application for Sub-division 

National Transport Safety Authority – NTSA Services at Huduma Centres

  • Online Renewal of Driver’s Licence 
  • Application of a SMART Driver’s License 

The National Treasury Services at Huduma Centres

  • Processing of Pension Claims Documents 
  • Processing of Dependants Pension 
  • Claims for Returned Pensions 
  • Change of Pay Point 
  • Status of Pension Claim 
  • Processing of Work Injury Benefits Act and Group Personal Accident Insurance Claims for Civil Servants 

Attorney General – Registra of Marriages Services at Huduma Centres

  • Civil Marriage 

County Governments Services at Huduma Centres

  • Issuance of Single Business Permit 
  • Payment of Rent and Rates 
  • Impounding Charges 
  • Liquor Licensing 
  • Processing of Building Plans 
  • Application for Water and Sewerage Connection 
  • Single Business Permit 
  • Payment of Rent and Land Rates 
  • Seasonal Parking 
  • Body Mass Index 
  • Blood Sugar 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Advertising Permits 
  • Advisory Services 
  • Health Promotional Services 
  • Boda Boda Licencing 
  • Advisory Services on Education 
  • Payment of Water Bills 
  • Advisory Services on Agriculture 
  • Advisory Services on Investments 

National Environmental Management Authority – NEMA Services at Huduma Centres

  • Processing of Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Reports 

Retirement Benefits Authority – RBA Services at Huduma Centres

  • Pension and Benefits for Informal Sector 
  • Fund Managers, Custodian and Fund Administrator Licensing 

Services at Huduma Centre

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