KRA Complaints & Information Centre: Helpful info

KRA Complaints & Information Centre

KRA Complaints & Information Centre (CIC) is an office within the office of the KRA’s Commissioner General established as a redress mechanism for handling taxpayer’s complaints and access to information.  We have shared useful contacts on this regard. This is to help you as a taxpayer find solutions to areas of dissatisfaction, concerns or complaints.  

How to File Returns

Classification of Complaints & Complaints Reporting Channels

Complaint:  An expression of dissatisfaction by a person, group, institution or organization about an unsatisfactory or unacceptable situation, including an act or omission or about the standard of service. 

Service Delivery Complaints

  • Areas of Concern/ Complaint: Service Complaints 
  • Description: service requests that have gone beyond stipulated timeline or complaints. 
  • Type of Resolution:  Walk in/Face to Face,  
  • Contact/Remedy: Walk in to any of KRA offices countrywide to lodge a complaint 

Legislative Concerns or Complaints

  • Areas of Concern/ Complaint: Legislative Complaints 
  • Description: Complaints against Tax and acts of parliament. 
  • Type of Resolution:  Email KRA  
  • Contact/Remedy: Email KRA at cic@kra.go.ke  

Complaint about Staff

  • Areas of Concern/ Complaint: Staff Complaints 
  • Description: Complaints against KRA staff by KRA stakeholders 
  • Type of Resolution:  Call KRA  
  • Contact/Remedy: Dial: +254 709 017 700/800 or the call centre 0711 099 999 

Whistleblowing on Corruption and Malpractices

  • Areas of Concern/ Complaint: Whistleblowing 
  • Description: Complaints relating to cases of corruption and other tax related malpractices 
  • Type of Resolution:  Share Privately on social media or KRA Website Link 
  • Contact/Remedy: KRA Whistleblowing Link: https://iwhistle.kra.go.ke/welcome/  or Send KRA a Direct Message on KRA Twitter or KRA Facebook. 

General Complaint

  • Areas of Concern/ Complaint: General Complaint 
  • Description: Complaints related to General issues e.g., Facilities, Infrastructure procurement etc. 
  • Type of Resolution:  Social Media 
  • Contact/Remedy: Twitter: https://twitter.com/KRACare or Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KRACare  

For more information visit KRA website on: https://kra.go.ke/

KRA Contacts and Helplines

KRA Main Contact Centre Number: +254 711 099 999 

OR +254 (020) 4999 999  or +254 (020) 4998 000

KRA Contact Centre Email:  callcentre@kra.go.ke  

The KRA Corruption Reporting Phone Number: +254 726 984 668 

Email: corruptionreporting@kra.go.ke  

KRA Messaging Short Messaging Services (SMS) send Text to 22572.  

KRA USSD Service  

Dial (*572#) 

KRA Complaints & Information Centre:

Main Lines +254 (0)20 281 7700 (Hotline), +254 (0)20 281 7800 (Hotline), +254(0) 20 343 342

Fax +254 (0) 20 341 342

Email: cic@kra.go.ke  

KRA Social Media Handles

Follow KRA on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KRACustomerCare

Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kra

YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/KenyaRevAuthority  

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