Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund

Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund

Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund

First Time And Subsequent Application Financial Year: 2021-2022

Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund : The County Government of Kakamega in conjunction with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) invites applications for First Time and Subsequent 2021-2022 Undergraduate Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund Loan. The fund is open for residents of Kakamega County admitted into Government of Kenya-Sponsored or Self-Sponsored Programs, through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service (KUCCPS) in

Universities in Kenya and the East African Community that are recognized by the Commission for University Education (CUE). Eligible students are those pursuing Bachelor’s degree only (other Certificate and Diploma students are not eligible).

How to Apply for the Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund (First time Applicants)

First time applicants should follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our website www.helb.co.ke to register.
  2. Log in and select Kakamega County 2021-2022 First Time Loan Application Form.
  3. Access and Fill the application form.
  4. Read, understand and sign to accept the Loan Terms and Conditions, and Consent for the Collection and Processing of Personal Data.
  5. Print TWO copies of the duly filled Loan Application Form.
  6. Have the forms appropriately filled, signed, and stamped by the relevant authorities.
  7. Present one copy of the duly filled Loan Application Form and all the attached support documents to the Kakamega County Government Education Office

How to Apply for the Kakamega County Education Revolving Fund (Subsequent Applicants)

Subsequent Applicants should follow the steps below:

  1. Download the HELB App from Google Play Store or dial *642#
  2. Register using your phone number to generate a One Time PIN which you will use to log in  NB: Ensure the Mobile Number is registered in your name.

Mobile Numbers not registered in the Applicant’s name will not allow the application to proceed.

Use the same handset until the application process is complete to avoid being blocked.

  1. Read, understand, and click to accept the license agreement.
  2. Enter your first name as it appears in your ID, ID number and valid email address to complete registration.
  3. Click on the “loans” tab and choose undergraduate loans. Then click “apply” on the Kakamega second and subsequent loan.
  4. Read and understand the financial literacy guide
  5. Answer the financial literacy questions and scroll down to view results and click “proceed”
  6. Click “confirm” to verify your telephone number by paying Kshs. 1.00 to M-PESA
  7. Read the loan agreement and click on ‘I agree’
  8. Click ‘submit’. A pop-up message will appear to show that you have successfully applied. The loan serial number will also be displayed.

Please note that this Subsequent Application is paperless. You are not required to print any form. A confirmation SMS with a loan application serial number is the evidence that you have applied. Kindly save the SMS.

Please note:

  1. For First time applicants retain one hard copy of the Loan Application Form
  2. Read, understand, and follow the instructions provided at the beginning of the online loan application process
  3. The CLOSING DATE for the loan application is 13th February2022
  4. Kakamega County Education Fund and HELB loan application forms are FREE
  5. The First Time Loan Application Forms are only accessible through the HELB student portal on www.helb.co.ke and subsequent applications through the HELB App or through USSD by dialing *642#
  6. DO NOT PAY anyone to process your HELB loan application
  7. In case of any queries, seek assistance ONLY from Kakamega County Government Education Department or HELB officers
  8. Students who provide false information will be penalized as per the HELB Act.

For more information please contact: moest@kakamega.go.ke or Contactcentre@helb.co.ke

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