Who is Vladimir Putin? Find Out More

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Who is Vladimir Putin? Find Out More

Let us find out who is Vladimir Putin by having a brief overview of President Vladimir Putin political career and life in general.

Vladimir Putin is a Russian Politian who is the current president of the Russian Federation (Russia). Born on 7th October 1952 in Leningrad which is now Saint Petersburg. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the longest serving Russian president after the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991. He is the 2nd and 4th president of the Russian Federation – Russia.

Who is Vladimir Putin? Putin was once a KGB intelligence officer. He served for about 15 years as a foreign intelligence officer in the KGB and resigned in the early 90’s at the rank of lieutenant colonel to start his political career. KGB was the foreign intelligence and domestic security agency of the Soviet Union (USSR).

In his political career, Putin has been in various high political leadership position. He briefly served as director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and secretary of the Security Council under President Boris Yeltsin. His first appointment to the office of the prime minister of Russia was in the year 1999. This was the beginning of his top leadership in Russia.

Vladimir Putin Presidential Journey – Who is Vladimir Putin?

In the Year 1999: Putin’s appointment as the Prime Minister of Russia by President Boris Yeltsin. Later on, in the same year he became the acting president after President Boris Yeltsin resigned.

Who is Vladimir Putin? Find Out More

In the year 2000: Vladimir Putin won the elections to become the president of the Russian Federation (Russia). His service during his first full term of 4 years ushered his second term. Putin won the elections again in the year 2004. Putin finished his two consecutive terms as president and by the then Russian constitution, he could not run for another presidential term.

From the year 2008 to 2012: Putin served as the prime minister under President Dmitry Medvedev (Served for one term as president).

In the year 2012: Vladimir Putin won another election, he became the president of the Russian Federation (Russia) for another season. He was then re-elected in the year 2018 and still serves as the President to date.

Note: There were some constitutional amendments that allow multi term president re-election.

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Personal Life – Who is Vladimir Putin?

Aside from Putin the politician, he is a father of two daughters.  He married Lyudmila Shkrebneva on 28 July 1983. They have two daughters, Mariya Putina, born 28 April 1985 and Yekaterina Putina, born 31 August 1986.

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