Parliament Jobs Shortlisted candidates 2022

Parliament Jobs Shortlisted candidates 2022

Parliament Jobs Shortlisted candidates


Parliament Jobs Shortlisted candidates 2022: The Parliamentary Service Commission wishes to notify applicants for various vacant positions as per the advertisement on the 26th of November 2021 that:

  1. The first stage of shortlisting is complete. The shortlisted candidates in the attached list below will undertake MATRICULATION (aptitude) examination. The parliamentary service commission shall communicated the dates in due course.
  2. The shortlisted candidates will undertake the Matriculation examinations online through the Parliamentary Service Commission job portal. Instructions for candidates undertaking the matriculation examinations will be available on the Parliamentary Service Commission website:
  3. The position of Food and Beverage Controller III PSC 6 was non-responsive. Therefore  the parliamentary service commission will be re-advertise for the position.
  4. Candidates shortlisted to undertake matriculation examination for the following positions:
  • Sales Officer II PSC 9 and
  • Senior Marketing Officer PSC 11

They shall be informed at a later date.

Applicants who have not been shortlisted despite meeting all the qualifications as advertised and wish to APPEAL may download and fill the Job Application Appeals Form from the Parliamentary Service Commission website (

Fill in the appeal form to completion and submit their appeal to: by 5.00pm on 4th March, 2022 strictly following guidelines provided in the form.

The list of the Shortlisted candidatesClick on the link to view the list

Job Application Appeals Form


Shortlisted Candidates per Job Posting

See below, we have shared the lists of shortlisted candidates per job posting for ease of reference.


Kindly note that:

All communication relating to the processing of the applications shall be only through the Parliamentary website and/ or the online recruitment system notices.


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