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See a Doctor Online

Are you tired of waiting for hours to see a doctor? Have you ever wished you could skip ahead of that queue to see a doctor? The good news is that all these can happen by downloading the BYON8 App. Through BYON8 app you can see a doctor online. Simply start by downloading BYON8 App to access a qualified Medical Doctor in minutes. With BYON8 App, you can see a doctor from as low as KES 395

The BYON8 App is available both for android and apple devices. Click on the respective links below to download the App.

See a Doctor Online
See a Doctor Online

About the BYON8 App – See a Doctor Online

See a Doctor Online

BYON8 is a licensed virtual medical service licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council. They are working together with licensed Medical Doctors, industry professionals and universities to bring you the best and most secure healthcare experience. You can access the following medical services via the BYON8 App – Your health mate:

  • Free symptom checker
  • Consult with doctors online
  • 24/7 convenience

The advantages of BYON App

The BYON App has the following advantages; All your health data in stored in one place with complete privacy and security. No need for multi reference for medical history. Additionally, any prescriptions you get can be home delivered or picked up at the pharmacy of your choice. You have access to 24/7 healthcare services at your point of convenience. More so, you can use the App for any of your health concerns, be it concerns of your sexual Health, pregnancy or even contraception. You can also get answers regarding COVID-19 questions.

There is more, you can also get answers on how to manage hypertension, asthma or diabetes. You can even get therapy for anxiety and depression. The app gives you not only smart but also convenient solutions to your health care concerns. No more queueing or waiting times. This means that no more taking time off work and dragging your kids out of school. What a convenient way.

Download the App to find out more or visit

See a Doctor Online
See a Doctor Online

BYON8 Contacts

Customer Care: WhatsApp: +254743710145


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