How to Invest in Konza Technopolis

Invest in Konza Technopolis

How to Invest in Konza Technopolis: Konza City or Konza Technopolis is a key flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development portfolio. The idea behind it is to have a world-class city, powered by a thriving information, communications and technology (ICT) sector, superior reliable infrastructure and business friendly governance systems. This is to be the technology hub of Kenya. The desire is to make Konza and Kenya a global center for science, technology and innovation. We have shared below how to Invest in Konza Technopolis by highlighting the sectors of investment.

The creation of Konza City offers a wide range of investment opportunities as well as career opportunities. Think of it this way, all the opportunities that are available in any developed city are available and you get a chance to see them grow from scratch. At this stage, every kind of input is needed to make Konza as it is envisioned.

The Opportunities at Konza – Invest in Konza Technopolis

Konza City is located along the Nairobi – Mombasa Highway (Mombasa Road). It is about 64 kilometers from Nairobi Central Business District – NCBD. Development of Konza city is currently ongoing and there are unique opportunities within the ecosystem presented to investors from diverse backgrounds in a multitude of sectors including the ones in the list below. Here is how to Invest in Konza Technopolis; The first step to investing in Konza is expressing your interest, we have provided the contact details below for the development Authority for Konza. The investment opportunities are not limited to the ones in the list below.

  • Information and Communication Technology – ICT (including Tier 3 and 4 Data Centers)
  • Property Development (Residential/Commercial)
  • Infrastructure and Logistics.
  • Enterprise Incubation
  • Learning Institutions: Universities, TVET Institutions and schools
  • Health Care Facilities: Hospitals (including; University hospitals and referral hospitals
  • Research and Development Facilities
  • Light manufacturing and industry
  • Retail establishment
  • Hospitality industry: Hotels & Convention Centers
  • Recreational Facilities and Entertainment (e.g. Stadiums, cinemas, etc.)
  • Utilities (Energy, Water)

Find out more by visiting Konza Investment Opportunities on their website – Click Here

Contacts for Konza Technopolis

Konza Technopolis Development Authority

7th floor, Konza Complex

Nairobi-Mombasa Road – Konza

P. O. Box 1 – 90150

Konza Technopolis, Kenya

Office Tel: +254 20 434 3013 | +254 20 434 3014


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Invest in Konza Technopolis

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