How to Apply for e-Citizen Services. What is e-Citizen

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What is e-Citizen?

How to Apply for e-Citizen Services

So what is e-Citizen? And how to Apply for e-Citizen Services. e-Citizen is a government services platform or portal that allows Kenyan Citizens and Foreign Residents to apply for Government to Citizen (G2C) services and pay conveniently via mobile money, debit Cards and eCitizen agents.

How to Register on e-Citizen

How to Apply for e-Citizen Services: The first step of applying for the government services on e-Citizen is to register on the platform if you have not. Registration is done by creating a user account on e-Citizen. Creating an account on e-Citizen is an easy and simple process. Below are the categories of accounts on e-Citizen.

Kenyan Citizen
This account is for Kenyan citizens only. You will need your National ID number and your first name to register.

Foreign Residents
This account is for foreigners residing in Kenya. You will need your foreigner certificate and your first name to register.

This account is for nationals who require a visa to enter the Republic of Kenya.

This account is for businesses registered in Kenya. You will need your business registration number. CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT

What Government Services are on e-Citizen

There is a whole range of government services that you can conveniently apply for at on e-Citizen platform. We have shared below some of the services and some tips as well.

Replace a Damaged or Lost Passport.

Lost or damaged your passport? Visit e-Citizen to conveniently apply and pay for a replacement online. TIP: Ensure you are using your personal account to apply for your own passport. Applications applied on behalf of others will be rejected. Visit e-Citizen for more information.

Click Here to Find out How to Apply for a passport.

Replace Lost or Damaged Birth Certificate

Yes you can replace your lost or damaged birth certificate on e-Citizen. If you were born in Nairobi visit e-Citizen to apply for a current birth certificate replacement.

Apply for your Child or Children Passport(s)

You can apply for your child or children passport(s) on e-Citizen. This can be done using the parent’s e-Citizen account. To make it more convenient, you can now get a passport for a child whose parents are abroad. How to go about it: Either parent can now easily apply online through the following link: Click Here. e-Citizen shall email you the details for processing.

Apply for Temporary Travel Permit

In the event that you are planning a quick trip with your children within East Africa, e-Citizen is there to conveniently apply for Temporary Travel Permit. Just Click Here to conveniently apply for your temporary travel permits.

Apply for a Referred Single Entry Visa

Yes, It is possible to use your account to apply for a referred single entry visa. Simply attach a letter inviting your friend(s) traveling to Kenya via the following link. Click Here. TIP: Inappropriate document uploads when applying for a VISA will lead to automatic rejection. Click here to learn more.

Click here for more tips on Kenyan eVisa Application: What you need to know

Apply for Foreign Motor Vehicle Permits

Are you intending to drive you foreign owned vehicle to Kenya. Things have been made easy via e-Citizen. You can now apply for motor vehicle permits online via e-Citizen. Click here to start the application process and avoid unnecessary delays at the border.

Click here for motor vehicle registration in Kenya.

Business Registration on e-Citizen

Turn that brilliant idea into a viable business. You do not need middle men to register your Business. Simply visit e-Citizen to conveniently register your company online.

What is e-Citizen

Continue enjoying convenience at your fingertips. Visit e-Citizen to access a wide array of services from the safety of your home or at your point and time of convenience. Find out the other services offered on e-Citizen

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