The Farm GSOM : How to Live your Life’s Purpose

The Farm GSOM

The Journey of Life

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? Or are you trying to figure out your life purpose or trying to find meaning to life itself. The Farm GSOM (Global School of Mission) is the place that gives you training that you need to navigate through life the way it was designed to be. REFRESH, REFOCUS & RECONNECT with the things that matter the most in your life.

Life Glitches

In this technological era, I am sure at some point you have been tempted to reset your gadget, be it your laptop, your smart phone or any device that is not performing as it is required to. Resetting a gadget or restoring to factory settings is one way of solving or restoring a faulty gadget. Sometimes the gadget has so many applications that are not useful and are tempering with its performance. More often than not, deleting these Apps will improve the performance of the gadget.

Our functionality as human beings is similar to that of gadgets and there comes a times when we need to delete those applications in our lives for us to function properly. There are those times that we are required to hit the reset button for us to function the way we were designed to function and that is where The Farm come in.

Transformation and Becoming

The Farm GSOM

The Farm GSOM is that place that offers you a step by step guide to either reset or delete these applications. It helps you reshape your life trajectory.  Training is very important to every human being in all their spheres of influence. Untrained minds stumble through life, guessing and hoping that things will work out. The trained mind, on the other hand, is precise, focused, and purpose-driven. You can hit the target with ease if you have good training.

Whoever said that life is the best teacher must have said that from the farm. This is one place that life meets meaning. Simply put it is the school of life for everyone.

How to Connect to The Farm

The Farm GSOM

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