How to Join The Royal Navy

How to Join The British Royal Navy

How to Join The Royal Navy

Do you have interests in joining the British Military? If yes then check out the details of joining the British Royal Navy. As they say “Joining the Royal Navy isn’t for everyone. As a rating, you’ve got to have determination and a real sense of adventure.” This article contains the details of How to Join The Royal Navy.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

Before you can start the application process, you need to familiarize yourself with what the requirements to join the royal navy. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Click Here to view the eligibility Criteria.

Can I apply from any country?

Below are the eligibility criteria based on Nationality and Residency.

Some roles have stricter nationality and residency requirements than others for security reasons, but in general you can join the Royal Navy if you are:

  • A national of the United Kingdom or Ireland
  • A Commonwealth citizen who is applying from inside their own country must be 18. If a resident of the UK you can apply at 16. You must hold a current in date passport and it is the responsibility of individual applicants to ensure that they have permission to be in the UK and this permission is valid for the entirety of the recruitment process up to the point of entry (this does not apply to citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Malta and the Republic of Cyprus)
  • dual Commonwealth or British national who is not required to complete national service (written evidence is required)
  • A British national living abroad

The Roles you can Apply for in the British Royal Navy.

Kindly note that all roles within the Royal Navy are open to both men and women.
Click Here to view the various roles that are open for application

How can you Join

Click on the following link to find out more on the process of joining the British Royal Navy. Click Here to View The Application process


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