How to Detect Fake Job Offers – 7 tip offs

How to Detect Fake Job Offers - 7 tip offs

How to Detect Fake Job Offers – 7 tip offs

7 Tip off to detect fake job offers: While on the quest for a fulfilling career, it’s important to be alert because there are roaring lions ready to devour. Our endeavor at getin4 is to share with you opportunities and useful information; This article highlights some of the tricks used by job scammers. We have enlisted 7 tip offs for detecting fake job offers. 

How to Detect Fake Job Offers – 7 tip offs

Vague Job Descriptions

Mostly the job descriptions for fake jobs are very inviting and the requirements are minimal. They are usually not quite clear on what you are supposed to be doing. For instance 1000 electricians needed you are only required to be 18 and above and be able to speak a particular language. Note that there are no specific requirements for the electrician position. 

Payment Required

When you are asked to pay a fee for your application to be proceeded or required to pay for registration for the position or payment to process a particular thing for the recruitment process. Kindly note that application for any kind of job is free. When you are applying you are just expressing your interest for the job, be on the alert when you are required to pay for expressing your interest. 

Required to submit suspicious personal information.

When the recruiter is asking you to disclose your personal information like debit or credit card pin or Mpesa Pin or any sort of secret code or password that is meant to be personal. Your bank account details are not necessary during the recruitment process. 

Non Existent Organizations

Mostly the hiring organization is non existent or the name is so close to an existing organization with a little alterations. For instance Google and Googgle. Always do a background check on the organization you are applying for to make sure it exists. 

Job Offer given without interviews

Another way to detect fake job offers is when you are given an offer letter even before an interview is done and probably required to pay to an individual before joining. Sometimes scammers share enticing job offers before you go for an interview to prey on your desperation. 

Too good to be true

In relation to the above point on offers before an interview, job scammers will share offers that are too good to be true even after an “interview”. Be on the alert when the job offer does not make sense at all. For instance you are being offered a junior role with the pay and benefits of a senior role. Always Check the pay ranges for the position you are applying for, this will help you detect abnormalities. 

The application process seem unusual

Familiarize yourself with recruitment processes in a particular region or country. Most job scammers use your naivety or ignorance to prey on you. For instance if you are applying for a job in the United Arabs Emirates – UAE you need to find out the nitty gritties of the process like at what point do you require a work visa and who is supposed to sponsor the visa and so on. You can check out the UAE official page for more information  

These are just a few ways to detect fake job offers. Other ways to Detect Fake Job Offers may be that  the Search Results Don’t Add Up When you search for the company/job/contact person on the internet, results and so on. Remember that job scammers are always preying on your vulnerability and your desperation. It’s important to trust your instinct when in doubt and go an extra mile to do some background checks. 

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