Restricted items on SGR – Find Out

Restricted items on SGR - Find Out

Restricted items on SGR

When you are planning to travel with Madaraka Express kindly take note of the restricted items on SGR. The list of the restricted items on SGR are as below. You might also want to check out the Items Prohibited on SGR

For the safety and security of passenger services operations, the following items are restricted in Kenya Railways premises and trains;

  1. Passengers in possession of sedatives or tranquilizers must have a prescription for the same.
  2. The Kenya Railways do not allow bicycles onboard the passenger trains at the moment due to unavoidable reasons
  3. Also take note of devices With Spillable Batteries
  4. Workshop tools e.g hammers, pliers, screwdrivers should be surrendered to Kenya Railways Security teams at the stations for guidance/assistance.
  5. Any other items which are deemed as security hazards by local laws or that have similar functions to the above items are also prohibited. 

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