Useful SGR Travel Tips – 12 Helpful tips

Useful SGR Travel Tips

Useful SGR Travel Tips

SGR has become that convenient way to travel to Mombasa from Nairobi and back. Here are some useful SGR travel tips. These tips are meant to make you aware of some things that will make your travel even more convenient.    SGR Contacts        

How to Book the SGR Train

SGR Tickets can be conveniently purchased through the following methods:

  1. Online Purchase :using the following link:  https//
  2. Over the counter: This can be done  at the nearest Madaraka Express Passenger Service station.
  3. Using USSD via your mobile phone: Simply dial *639# on your mobile phone – Safaricom Line and follow prompts to book your train.
  4. Book via phone call: To book a ticket via telephone,one should call 0709388888 between 8:30am and 8:00 pm; and for other enquiries reach SGR Customer Service team  on 0709 388887 between 6:30 am and 8:00 pm.

During purchase of tickets at the stations, one should:

  • Pay attention to the display screen at the ticket windows
  • Prepare ticket fee in advance for quick service
  • Tell the Attendant your travel date, preferred train (whether it is the Inter-County, Express or Night train), departure station, destination station, preferred class, 
  • Check the ticket information to confirm all the captured details are correct and alert the attendant in case of any errors
  • Confirm you have been given the correct balance after purchasing the ticket

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Arrival Time – Useful SGR Travel Tips

You should try to  arrive at the train station at a reasonable time before departure.  It is recommended to be there at least an hour before your time of departure. This is to ensure that everything is in order before departure. It means you have enough time to print your ticket and to attend to any concerns regarding your journey.                         

Note: The final call for boarding the train is made eleven(11) minutes to departure time and the gates to the platform close ten (10) minutes before departure time. All passengers must check-in and board before these timelines.

Identification Documents – Useful SGR Travel Tips

You should ensure that you have your identification documents. These are either a national Identity card or a passport.  You will need these document to identify yourself before boarding the train.                        

Ticket Validity – Useful SGR Travel Tips

A Madaraka Express Passenger Service ticket is only valid for travel on the date, time and on the train displayed on the ticket. No open dated tickets are issued by Kenya Railways. If you board any train other than the one specified on your ticket you will have to pay the full fare applicable to the train and class in which you are traveling with a 30% of the ticket cost penalty. A refund may be available on the original ticket held depending on the ticket type and will be subject to the Refund policy.           

Kindly note that Madaraka Express Passenger Service tickets are ONLY sold by Kenya Railways via the channels indicated above. Also note that if a ticket is resold or transferred for profit or other commercial gain, it will become invalid and the holder will not be given access to the Madaraka Express Passenger Service trains.

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Breaking a journey at Intermediate stations

Stop-overs enroute are not permitted by the SGR. This means that a passenger should board at the departure station and alight at the arrival station as indicated on the ticket and passenger manifest. If one breaks the journey midway, he/she will not be entitled to continue it later and the ticket will stand annulled.

Ticket Transfer – Useful SGR Travel Tips

You may not transfer your ticket to anyone else                   

Madaraka Express Passenger Service tickets are made out in a particular passenger’s name and are non-transferable. The tickets can only be used by the person whose details appear on the ticket. The name of the Identification documents must match the name on the ticket.

Retain your Ticket

Please keep your ticket ready to show or hand over during the journey. SGR Passengers must retain their ticket throughout the journey. The tickets are used at the point of exit from every station.

Special Assistant – Useful SGR Travel Tips

The Madaraka express offers assistance for Disabled Persons, Ailing Persons and/or Persons with Special Conditions.

Persons Living with a Disability, ailing persons or persons with any special condition, are advised to notify Kenya Railways during purchase of the ticket or at least forty- eight (48 hours) prior to the departure time indicated on the ticket by calling their Contact Centre. Sick or ailing persons must be accompanied by a guardian/caretaker.           

Children Travel – Useful SGR Travel Tips

Kindly the following regarding children traveling on SGR – Madaraka Express.            

  • Children below 13 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the journey.
  • Half Fare: Children between 3-11 years traveling with adults will pay half fare
  • Children over 11 years old must pay the full fare
  • Free Travel: Children aged 3 years and below should not pay the fare.
  • Kindly note that in cases where the passenger is traveling with more than one child above three years but below eleven years of age, only one child shall pay half fare. The rest shall pay the full fare.

Luggage – Useful SGR Travel Tips

Passengers are advised to bring luggage that they can carry with ease. The Corporation provides trolleys for use from the parking bay to the train station’s main entrance.       

Pets on the train

In consideration of the safety of other passengers, the SGR Management prohibits bringing pets onboard the train

Have a pleasant journey from the information Hub

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