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Underwriting Africa

Underwriting Africa

Underwriting Africa is a boutique Insurance Intermediary Company set up to provide niche and specialist insurance solutions to Corporates operating in Africa and those that seek to expand their footprint into Africa. They are well conversant with modern business dynamics and the risks involved especially in Africa. Underwriting Africa goes beyond the norm to ensure their customers’ needs are met. They have unique products and services to serve their customers. Their success is attributed to continuous research and study of the African market. 

Why Under Underwriting Africa

They are a one stop shop for all your insurance needs and on top of that they are well conversant with the African Market. Having vast knowledge in the field gives them a better insight to the potential risks in the market. Their customer service and business prowess is just the icing on the cake.  If you are looking to set up any kind of business in Africa, this should be your first stop. They have new smart insurance solutions that not only suit your needs but also care about your financial well being. 

What Does Underwriting Africa offer

They have a wide range of tailor made insurance products that suit your needs. We shall just mention a few of their products. 

  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Microinsurance, 
  • Aviation and Energy (including Oil & Gas)
  • Construction Insurance
  • Bonds And Sureties
  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Home Insurance 
  • Livestock Crop Insurance

And so much more. In a risk riddled economy ensure you are secured. For more information you can drop them an inquiry via talktous@underwritingafrica.com

Brief Overview of Business Insurance

What is Business Insurance: It is basically a cover that protects your business against risks or unknown eventualities in the day to day running of the business. These risks include theft, vandalism, Property damage, Loss of income, Employee injuries and illnesses among so many other risks. It is quite vital to have business insurance to ensure your business continuity. Underwriting Africa offers tailor made business insurance covers as listed above. For instance; Trade Credit Insurance

It is very important to have this cover for your business, it protects your business against the inability of your debtors to pay you. In other words it is an accounts receivable insurance or debtor insurance. There are so many unknown scenarios that might happen around your business. Ensure your business is covered. 


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