How to Apply for New Generation Number Plates 

New Generation Number Plates 

How to Apply for New Generation Number Plates

There are two main ways to apply for the new Generation number plates. The two ways are either manually or digitally. We have detailed these ways in this article. The New Generation Number plates were launched towards the end of August 2022. All vehicle owners with all number plates are required to have changed to the New Generation Number Plates within 18 months from the time they were launched. This implies that you need to have replaced your old number plates by early 2024. 

What is the Cost of Applying for the New Generation Number Plates? 

Normal Vehicle Charges (Two Licence Plates): You will be charged KES 3,000 if you do it manually but will add KES 50 (transaction fee) when you do it digitally. 

Additional Plate: You will also be required to pay KES 700 for a third licence.

Motorcycle Plates Charges: A fee of KES 1,500 will be paid for the replacement of the motorcycle or single plate registration.

Preferred Number Registration: If you want a preferred registration number, then you will be required to pay KES 30,000. This applies to new registration. 

New Generation Number Plates 

The Manual Replacement Procedure

You will need to acquire the application form from the nearest NTSA office – Click Here to View NTSA office Locations. You will be required to fill in the form with the particulars of the Vehicle you need to replace the number plate. Then submit the completed form and pay KES 3,000 for the New Number plate.  

The Digital Replacement Procedure

To make the application digitally you will first be required to log on to your New NTSA Portal and make the application from the portal. This is a convenient method to use. Below is the step by step procedure to do this. 

  1. Log on to the New NTSA Portal or
  2. Click on Vehicle Registration option
  3. Then select Reflective No. Plate option and then Click on Apply for Reflective No. Plate
  4. After that action you will be able to view a list of vehicles registered under your name if they are many. Then choose the vehicle you would like to replace the number plate.
  5. Ensure you confirm the details of the vehicle before clicking next.
  6. Then select the reason for applying for the Reflective plate. The reason should be the new generation plate.
  7. Then choose the notification method ( how you would want to be notified when the plates are ready) The options are either email or SMS
  8. Then Choose the type of Front and back number plate i.e Oblong or Square
  9. You will be required to indicate where you would prefer to collect the New plates 
  10. Then confirm the vehicle particulars and proceed to payment. Choose the preferred mode of payment and pay. Kindly note that for Mpesa, you will be charged Ksh 3,050 ( 50 being transaction fees).
  11. Then wait for NTSA to alert you via SMS or Email when the number plate is ready for collection. The average waiting time is two weeks. 

Some of the Features of the New Generation Number Plates

New Generation Number Plates 

Kindly note that from October 1, 2022 all new vehicles will be issued by the New Generation Number plates. The features include. 

  • Stylish and beautiful design compared to the old ones. The Numbers are well designed and aligned. 
  • They are embedded with microchips – one of the many security features of the new number plates.
  • The New plates also have an NTSA serial number that is linked to the vehicle’s chassis number.
  • The New Number plates include the national flag on them. A symbol of patriotism. 
  • There are more features on the number plate when you apply for one you will find out more. 

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