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Charges at Likoni Ferry: How Much is The Fee?

Charges at Likoni Ferry: The Likoni Ferry is the Ferry channel connecting Mombasa Island and Likoni Mainland. It is the current main route to the southern coast of Kenya which includes places like Diani, Kwale, Tiwi, Galu, and more interesting place in Kwale County. So, what are the charges at Likoni Ferry? Vehicles are charged based on their capacity, length and the load they have carried. We have shared the compressive list of Ferry Charges for ease of reference.  

Charges at Likoni Ferry

Ferry Charges (Vehicle Toll Charges at the Ferry)  – Charges at Likoni Ferry

Vehicle Category Charges (KES) 
Empty – Car  120 
Loaded – Car 180 
Car with Trailer  300 
Empty – 4×4 Vehicles – SUVs 150 
Loaded – 4×4 Vehicles – SUVs 210 
4X4 Vehicles with Trailer 300 
Empty – Pick – Up / Vans  280 
Loaded – Pick – Up / Vans 340 
Pick – Up / Vans – With Trailer 300 
Mini Bus  600 
Bus 1,100 
Double Diff Bus  1,350 
Empty Truck 5.5 Metres long 350 
Loaded Truck 5.5 Metres long 570 
Empty Truck 6 Metres long 400 
Loaded Truck 6 Metres long 620 
Empty Truck 7.5 Metres long 600 
Loaded Truck 7.5 Metres long 820 
Empty Truck 9.5 Metres long 850 
Loaded Truck 9.5 Metres long 1,350 
Empty Truck 11 Metres long 1,050 
Loaded Truck 11 Metres long 2,500 
Empty Trailer  7,000 
Loaded Trailer  7,950 
Abnormal Load  15,950 
Empty Fuel Car  2,115 
Loaded Fuel Car  2,230 
Empty Fuel Tanker – Lorry  2,400 
Loaded Fuel Tanker – Lorry 2,900 
Empty Fuel Trailer  5,550 
Loaded Fuel Trailer 7,950 
Empty Motorbike or Cart 50 
Loaded Motorbike or Cart 100 
Loaded Bicycle  60 
The charges are subject to change

Likoni Ferry Penalty Charges  

  • Partial Obstruction Charges – KES 5,000 
  • Total Obstruction Charges – KEs 10,000 

How to Pay for the Likoni Ferry  

There are two ways of paying  

  • Likoni Ferry Payment Via USSD (*721#) 
  • Payment via Mpesa Paybill for the Likoni Ferry  

Likoni Ferry Payment Via USSD (*721#) – Charges at Likoni Ferry

This method works with a Safaricom line. First step is to dial *721# then follow prompts.  

  1. Dial *721#  
  1. Selection your Entry and Destination  
  1. Choose your Vehicle type or Charges  
  1. Select the sub type of the vehicle  
  1. Input Number plate of the Vehicle  
  1. Confirm your Details  
  1. You will then be prompted on Mpesa to Complete the payment.  

Images to show  

Charges at Likoni Ferry
Charges at Likoni Ferry

Payment via Mpesa Paybill for the Likoni Ferry  – Charges at Likoni Ferry

  1. Go to Mpesa Menu on your Safaricom Line, select lipa na Mpesa, then select the Pay Bill option 
  1. Enter the Kenya Ferry business number 402 3233. 
  1. Then enter your Vehicle Registration Number (Number Plate) press “OK” 
  1. Then enter the amount (Use the table above to guide you the payment) Enter your M-PESA PIN 

For More information, visit Kenya Ferry website:  

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