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Africote Limited

Africote Limited

Africote Limited

Africote Limited is a hygiene and environmental management company. They specialize in the following services:

  • cleaning services,
  • waste management and
  • general hygiene solutions.


They are known for all round impeccable cleaning services. Africote also offer pest control/Fumigation services as well as pest control products that include; bedbug killer, snake repellent powder, cockroach killer, rat poison among other products. They also have general hygiene related products.


Africote Services

Their services include:

Fumigation/ Pest control

They do fumigation and pest control services. They have products for all types of pests and rodents. These includes; Mosquitoes, Flies, Spiders, Termites, Bedbugs, Rodents, Cockroaches, Bees, Ants, Lice, Bird Pests, Crickets, Snakes, Lizards, snails and garden pests fumigation.


Industrial Cleaning

Their industrial cleaning services caters for all floor surfaces.  They have various products that are suitable for different surfaces.  These include; floor stain removers, cabro and terrazzo cleaner, epoxy cleaner, wooden floor cleaner/shiner, carpet cleaner and the normal floors cleaners.


General House Cleaning

They specialize in general house cleaning which includes;

  • cleaning of surfaces
  • cleaning of home appliances like cookers among other kitchen appliances
  • Furniture cleaning and general living room cleaning
  • Carpets and rags cleaning among others


Waste Management

Africote provides waste management services(septic and biodigester).  They prioritize safeguarding of the environment by using bio Enzymes that are ecofriendly.


Africote Products

Their range of products include:

  • Garden and Lawn Care Products
  • Kitchen Care products
  • Waste Management Products
  • Pest Control Products
  • Livingroom Care Products
  • Bedroom and Bathroom care Products
  • Car Care Products


Africote Limited Contact Details

WhatsApp:  0734944666

Email: info@africote.co.ke

Telephone Numbers (+254) 020 2010444 or 0757160600 or 0734944666


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