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KASNEB Contacts and Offices

KASNEB Contacts and Offices  

KASNEB Contacts and Offices  

Head Office 

KASNEB Towers, Off Hospital Road, Upper Hill
P.O. Box 41362 00100
Nairobi, Kenya 

Telephone Contacts for KASNEB: 020 4923000, 020 2712640, 020 2712828
Mobile Contacts for KASNEB : 0722201214, 0734600624 


KASNEB emails 

Customer Service Email:   

For any complaints email:    

Customer Feedback Email:  

Report corruption Email:  

For certificates requests:  

Request for Access to Information:  


Brief About KASNEB 

The Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) was established as a state corporation under the National Treasury by the Government of Kenya on 24 July 1969. The establishment and operations of kasneb are governed by the following main Acts: 

  • Accountants Act, No. 15 of 2008 (which repealed the Accountants Act, Cap 531 of 1977). 
  • Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya Act, Cap 534 of 1988. 
  • The Investment and Financial Analysts Act, No. 13 of 2015. 



The mandate of kasneb, is the development of syllabuses, conduct of professional, diploma and technician examinations and certification of candidates in accountancy, finance, credit, governance and management, information technology and related disciplines, promotion of its qualifications nationally and internationally and the accreditation of relevant training institutions in liaison with the ministry in charge of education. 


For more information about KASNEB visit;  


KASNEB Contacts and Offices   

KASNEB office in Kigali, Rwanda

CHIC Building, 2nd Floor, F055
KN 2 Ave Nyarugenge
PO. BOX 630 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel : +(250) 782 569 862


Regional Offices 

Nyeri Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Nyeri)
Telephone: 0701698213/0737256315


GPO, Nairobi Huduma Centre
Telephone: 0701699013/0737315992


Kisumu Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Kisumu)
Telephone: 0701699026/0737492586


Mombasa Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Mombasa)
Telephone: 0701699078/0737516847


Kisii Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Kisii)
Telephone: 0701711465/0737543023


Eldoret Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Eldoret)
Telephone: 0701713366/0737831524


Nakuru Huduma Centre (KASNEB office in Nakuru)
Telephone: 0795431440/0735031908


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