Nephromed Muranga Dialysis Centre


Nephromed Muranga Dialysis Centre

Nephromed Muranga Dialysis Centre

NephroMed Muranga Dialysis Center is proud to serve our clients with cutting edge dialysis services, top-notch professionals and a comfortable environment at Muranga Dialysis Center Along Kangema Road. Our Dialysis Centre is equipped with the most latest Dialysis (Hemodialysis) Machines. We provide world class renal care and curative, preventive and diagnosis of chronic disease like kidney diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc with our state of art dialysis centers managed by certified nephrologists and qualified professionals. Dialysis in a comfortable, private environment, with imported medical recliners, IPTV and LCD screens, and more.

Why Choose Muranga Dialysis Center?

  • NHIF Accredited
  • Nocturnal Hemodialysis ( Dialysis at night )
  • Comfortable and Spacious Dialysis Room
  • Patients support through NPCF
  • 28000 Successfully Dialysis Session Done Till Now
  • Dedicated nutrition and psychology support

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Nephromed Muranga Dialysis Centre, Along Kangema Road, Kenya,Nairobi,Kenya

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