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Tomas Trucha says Bye to Ingwe

Hallo and good Bye

The Czech tactician has decided to part ways with AFC leopards barely a month after he joined the club as the head coach. His resignation was based on his safety concerns as indicated by the club’s chairman Mr. Dan Shikanda during a press release on behalf of the National Executive Committee.

The chairman in his speech said that the club has accepted Tomas Trucha’s resignation as Head Coach, effective immediately. The resignation had been occasioned by the coach feeling that his safety is not guaranteed since his manager, Mr. Prince Channis, had been threatened by people purporting to be ingwe supporters.

Dan Shikanda remarked on the threats allegations that “it is very disturbing and unacceptable for anyone who claims to be a supporter of this esteemed club. True AFC Leopards’ supporters hold themselves to the highest standard and put the Club’s and public good before all else.”

The club which has been in pursuit of their road map to their glory days has had at least 14 changes in their head couching staff since the year 2012. It is significant to note that they won their last league title in the year 1998.
Mr. Shikanda indicated that the remaining technical bench shall take charge as the club as they consider a replacement. The Management of AFC Leopards were very grateful to Trucha for his contributions to the Club and wish him well in his future endeavours.

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