Day: 23 Dec 2020

Kenya Pipeline Jobs: Assistant Chemist – Grade KPC 7

Job Specifications i. Assist the Chemist: ii. Perform tests in all grades of petroleum products iii. Analyse test results and make conclusions iv. Ensure test equipment are available v. Advise the QCM on slop management vi. Prepare periodic reports vii…. Read More ›

Kenya Pipeline Jobs: Assistant Corporate Communications Officer (Media Relations) – Grade KPC 7

Job Specifications i. Respond in a timely manner to media inquiries and make appropriate referrals to company’s experts in a given field. ii. Gather information, conduct research, interview sources, and write news releases on oil industry. iii. Timely respond to… Read More ›

Kenya Pipeline Jobs: Chief Administration Officer – Grade KPC 4

Job specification i. Coordinate formulation, review and implementation of Company administrative and records management policies. ii. Coordinate provision of fleet management services including maintenance. iii. Coordinate management of incoming and outgoing mails (internal and external) iv. Coordinate management of records… Read More ›

Kenya Pipeline Jobs: Chief ICT Officer (Enterprise Applications) – Grade KPC 4

Job Specifications i. Provide technical leadership guidance to the overall development team ii. Work with business users to determine the best system solutions to the desired business processes iii. Coordinate and lead technical team efforts to integrate the ERP system… Read More ›