Kenyan Passport Application Process: What you need to know

Kenyan Passport Application Process: Application Instructions

Kenyan Passport Application Process

Kenyan Passport Application Process: All passport applications must be done through the e-citizen platform. The e-citizen is a government platform for government services. The passport application is one of the services in the platform under the Directorate of immigration services. 

Note Before starting to Apply for Passport 

You must use your own ecitizen account to apply for your own passport or your children’s passports ( only those that are under 18 years of age) 

Applications applied on behalf of others will be rejected. 

E-citizen provides a platform for the following passport applications: 

  • Application for a new passport 
  • Renewal of Passport 
  • Replacement of Passport 

The Steps for Kenyan Passport Application Process

Kenyan Passport Application Process
  1. You need to register or have registered on ecitizen. Link to  e-citizen
  2. Under e-citizen, you need to go to the Directorate of immigration services (New Application) and click on the passport application form. This applies to all kinds of passport applications. 
  3. After the above step, you will be redirected to a step by step instructions to fill in the application. Ensure that you read the instructions carefully while filling in the application form.
  4. At this step, the form is complete, you will then be directed to payment. Select the mode of payment and pay for the fees.
  5. When the payment is completed and confirmed, download and print the application form and three application receipts.
  6. Submit the application form in person to the Immigration offices. The immigration offices are in the following cities in Kenya
    • Nairobi City –  Nyayo House – Along Kenyatta avenue 
    • Mombasa City – Government Office – Dedan Kimathi Avenue near Fort Jesus
    • Kisumu City – Former Nyanza Provision headquarters building 

Further Notes to the Kenyan Passport Application Process

Payment for the passport services is conveniently online. You will be given payment options once you have completed the application (filled in all the required information and before submission). The payment options are as follows: 

  • Mpesa 
  • Credit Cards 
  • Debit Cards 
  • Online Banking 

After you have filled in the form, you are required to print it, sign it, and date it, then add the required documents and photographs needed and submit it to the immigration offices for processing.

Duration of Passport processing

Once your form has been physically submitted to the immigration offices, The processing time will be different depending on the type of application you have done. The details are as below: 

  • First-time application: It should take at least 10 working days for you to get your passport 
  • For renewal and replacement, it should take at least 5 working days 

Kindly note that It may take a longer period if more information is required or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly.


ALL Passport applications should now be made via e-citizen Manual applications will NOT be accepted.

Requirements During Submission

  1. Applicants MUST appear in person for Biometric Enrolment
  2. An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three invoices
  3. Original birth certificate and one photocopy
  4. Have original National ID Card and one photocopy
  5. Three current passport size photos
  6. One photocopy of the recommender’s ID card (Must be a Kenyan)
  7. Old passport for replacement plus photocopies of its last three pages
  8. Photocopies of parents’ National ID cards (if available) or Death Certificates (if deceased)
  9. For a lost Passport, a sworn affidavit, a police abstract, and an explanation letter are required
  10. In case of a mutilated Passport, an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the mutilation

Passport Fees – Kenyan Passport Application Process


32 Pages Ordinary “A” Series Kshs. 4,550
48 pages Ordinary “B” SeriesKshs. 6,050
64 Pages Ordinary “C” Series Kshs. 7,550
Diplomatic passport (48 page)Kshs 7,550
Mutilated Passport Kshs 10,050
Lost Passport Kshs 12,050

Other Services on ecitizen under Directorate of immigration services


  1. Interstate Pass Application 
  2. Temporary Permit Application 
  3. eVisa Application 
  4. Work Permits 
  5. Endorsement
  6. Student Pass
  7. Special Pass
  8. Dependant Pass 

Contacts for The Directorate Of Immigration

Call eVISA Customer Care

+254 202 222 022, 

+254 110 922 063,

+254 110 922 064

Payment queries:

+254 110 922 062


Outside Official Working hours

+254 112 620 512,

+254 112 620 693

Call Passport Customer Care

General Queries:

+254 202 222 022,

+254 110 923 422,

+254 110 923 423

Emergency Hotline:

+254 110 922 065



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