Christmas with the Chosen: Special Episode

Christmas with the Chosen

Christmas with the Chosen – The special episode is about the authentic story about the birth of Jesus Christ.  The episode is all about the real-life events to the birth of Jesus, enacted to portray authenticity as possible.  It paints a picture of what it might have been like for Mary and Joseph during that period.  The Special episode features great musician performing new and classic Christmas Songs that brings joy to the world. They set the mood right for the Christmas season. It also includes monologues featuring four of the iconic names of God from the Bible and why they matter to us today. You just need to watch the show to find out more. We have provided you links below to watch the special episode.  

Christmas with the chosen was streamed live on the 12th of December 2021 in the USA. It is available on various platforms for free. It is free because somebody somewhere paid for you. You can be part of those who have made it possible by one of the following ways: (Click on the Links to find out more) 

Here are the Links to watch the Episode, click on either link to watch.  

Christmas with the Chosen

Download the Chosen App from the Links Below. Click on Google play for Android devices and App Store for apple devices.

Christmas with the Chosen
Christmas with the Chosen

Christmas with the Chosen

Here is the list of the great musicians featured in the chosen Christmas Special

Christmas with the Chosen

Maverick City Music

Maverick City Music is a group/Family of Praise and worship singers. The idea behind Maverick City was a dream to make space for those who would otherwise live in their own separate worlds.

Check out Maverick City Music’s YouTube page TRIBL

Christmas with the Chosen

For King and Country.

For King and Country is a family of singers comprising of two brothers; Luke and Joel. The duo has won the GRAMMY Awards four times.

Check out For King and Country’s YouTube page for KING & COUNTRY

Christmas with the Chosen


CAIN is a Family of singers. The band is comprises of siblings; Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Cain Matz and Logan Cain. They made a discovery of what it’s like to live their calling while doing their favorite thing, singing about Jesus.

Check out CAIN’s YouTube page CAIN

Christmas with the Chosen

Brandon Lake

Michael Brandon Lake is an American Christian worship singer, songwriter and worship pastor. He is a member of the Bethel Music collective and the Maverick City Music collective, and serves as a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Check out Brandon Lake’s YouTube page Brandon Lake

We The Kingdom

We the Kingdom is a family of singers. They comprise of Andrew Bergthold, Ed Cash, Franni Rae Cash, Martin Cash, and Scott Cash.

Check out We the Kingdom’s YouTube page We the Kingdom

The Bonner Family

The Bonner Family: As the name suggests is a family of singers. The family of 10 has been able to keep Jesus Christ as the center of their lives as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Check out The Bonner Family’s YouTube page The Bonner Family

Phil Wickham

Philip David Wickham is a Contemporary Christian musician, singer and songwriter from San Diego, California.

Check out Phil Wickham’s YouTube page Phil Wickham

Jordan Feliz

Jordan Alexander Feliz is an American Christian musician, who plays a folk rock and soul style of Christian pop.

Check out Jordan Feliz’s YouTube page for Jordan Feliz

Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Bryan & Katie Torwalt are an American Christian music husband and wife duo from Sacramento, California.

Check out Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s YouTube page Bryan & Katie Torwalt

One Voice Children’s Choir

One Voice Children’s Choir is an American children’s choir in Utah. The group was founded by Masa Fukuda in 2001.

Check out One Voice Children’s Choir YouTube page One Voice Children’s Choir.

Matt Maher

Matthew Guion Maher is a Canadian contemporary Christian music artist, songwriter, and worship leader from Newfoundland, Canada, who lives in the United States.

Check out Matt Maher’s YouTube page mattmahermusic

Leanna Crawford

Leanna Crawford is a Christian Music singer/songwriter. She is part of the Provident Label Group.

Check out Leanna Crawford’s YouTube page Leanna Crawford

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