IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration Schedule: How to

IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration

When is IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration starting?

The IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration is scheduled to start on Friday 21st January 2022 for  fifteen (15) days. 

The conduct of this exercise is subject to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions in host countries. 

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What Criteria Was Used To Map Registration Centers for IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration

The Commission has mapped registration centers in diaspora based on the following parameters; 

  1. Presence of a Kenyan Mission (Embassy, High Commission or a consulate) as stipulated in law. 
  1. Number of registered citizens with Kenyan Missions in host countries. 
  2. Political environment in host governments which should be conducive, stable and predictable 
  3. Financial sustainability to support logistical, operational and administrative costs of carrying out such an activity. 

Which Voter Registration Centers Were Mapped In Diaspora?

For the purposes of 2022 General Election, the Commission has mapped voter registration centers in Kenyan Embassies and Consulates listed below; 

  1. Uganda – (Kampala) 
  2. Tanzania – (Dar-Es-salaam and Arusha) 
  3. Rwanda – (Kigali) 
  4. Burundi – (Bujumbura) 
  5. South Africa – (Pretoria) 
  6. South Sudan – (Juba) 
  7. United States of America – (Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles) 
  8. The United Kingdom – (London) 
  9. United Arab Emirates – (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) 
  10. Qatar – (Doha) 
  11. Germany – (Berlin) 
  12. Canada – (Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver) 

The Requirements IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration

A Kenya citizen residing outside Kenya who applies for registration as a voter must; 

  1. Have a valid Kenyan Passport or a National Identity Card for citizens residing within the East African Community 
  2. Be of eighteen years of age and above 
  3. Present his/ her identification document to the Registration officer stationed at a designated registration center 
  4. Manually fill Form J being an application form for registration of Kenyan Citizens residing outside Kenya upon arrival at the registration center 
  5. Allow the officer in charge to take his /her Biometric and biographic data during registration 

How Will Time Zones Be Managed During Voter Registration?

  1. The commission will conduct voter registration during the official working hours for Embassies and Consulates in host countries. 
  2. The Commission will make arrangements for continued voter registration exercise during weekends. 

How Will Registration Kits Be Deployed?

  1. There will be one Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kit in each registration center to capture biometric and biographic details of voters. 
  2. A BVR kit will be opened in IEBC Headquarters in Nairobi to register citizens who will have traveled to Kenya but still wishing to vote in diaspora come 9th August 2022. 

Can A Registered Voter Change Their Particulars During This Period?


  1. A registered voter wishing to change any of their particulars can do so at any registration center. 
  2. The voter must produce the document he/she used at the time of registration for ease of identification. 
  3. The voter must  fill Form B being an application form for change of particulars. 

Can A Registered Voter Transfer Their Voting Station During This Period?


  1. A voter previously registered in Kenya but wishing to transfer voting station to Diaspora can do so by visiting their preferred registration center in diaspora 
  2. A voter previously registered in Diaspora but wishing to transfer voting station to Kenya should visit a preferred constituency once in Kenya 
  3. The voter must produce the document he/she used at the time of registration for ease of identification. 
  4. The voter must  fill Form C being an application form for change of voting station. 

Who Will Conduct the IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration? 

  1. Voter registration is a mandate of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) as provided for in Article 88 (4) (a) of the Constitution of Kenya. 
  2. IEBC shall therefore conduct the voter registration exercise in diaspora.

How Will Security Be Assured During IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration? 

The Commission in consultation with host Embassies and Consulates will provide security during the exercise. 

Will Voters Have An Opportunity To Verify Their Registration Details Before Voting?


The Commission will avail the Register of voters to enable voters to verify their details at respective registration centers after the voter registration exercise is complete. 

Will The Commission Have Other Alternative Sites For Registration?


The Commission will carry out voter registration exercise ONLY in gazetted Kenyan Embassies and Consulates as stipulated in Regulation 34 of the Election (Voter Registration) 2012. 

Which Elections Will Voters In Diaspora Participate In?

Kenya citizens registered to vote in the diaspora will participate in Presidential election and Referenda only. 

How Will Citizens Get Assistance During The IEBC Diaspora Voter Registration Exercise? 

IEBC registration officers shall assist voters requiring assistance during the voter registration exercise once at the registration centers. 

What Covid-19 Prevention Protocols Will Be In Place?

The Commission will strictly enforce observance of Covid -19 prevention protocols of host countries. 

Who Is Allowed To Observe Voter Registration?

  1. The Commission may allow accredited persons and organizations to observe the voter registration process. 
  2. Organizations wishing to observe the registration process in diaspora should download the application for accreditation form from the IEBC website  and send the duly filled form to  on or before Friday 14th January 2022. 

Who Will Be The Primary Source Of Voter Registration Information?

  1. The Commission will be the only credible source of information on voter registration. 
  2. IEBC shall organize to disseminate the voter registration messages through the following channels;
    1. Social media platforms (  / , , Twitter: @IEBCKenya, Instagram:@iebckenya) 
    2. Virtual meetings with Diaspora groups 
    3. Physical meetings (where possible) with Diaspora groups 
    4. Kenya Diaspora Associations social media platforms 
    5. Informational materials such as Brochures/ fliers 
    6. Phone calls 

How Can Kenyans In Diaspora Support The Commission During Voter Registration Exercise?

Kenyans in Diaspora can support the Commission during voter registration exercise through; 

  1. Disseminating information contained in this brochure through their social networks 
  2. Mobilizing their fellow Kenyans to register as voters in the period provided. 

IEBC Contact Details

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) 

P.O. Box 45371-00100, 

6th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way Nairobi, Kenya 

Tel: 020 287 7000 / 020 276 9000

Click to View IEBC office Locations  | | | Twitter: @IEBCKenya | Instagram: @iebckenya 

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