Reliable Instant Loan Apps: Know the Best Interests

Reliable Instant Loan Apps

This article shares some information on the reliable instant loan apps in Kenya. The reliability is in terms of accessibility, customer support, ease of application and the requirements for the loan application. The information shared below includes the interest rates, minimum loan amount, loan period and so on.  Kindly note that these reliable instant loan apps mentioned in the article do not require you to have a bank account or waiting period before a loan is granted. If you qualify you get the loan instantly.  

How to get the instant loans

Most of these instant loan apps are available on google play store apart from a few which can be accessed via USSD or downloaded on app store (for iPhone users).  

  • Therefore, the first thing you need to access the services on these apps is a phone, preferably an android smart phone.  
  • The second thing you need is internet access either through Wi-Fi or have bundles 
  • Thirdly you need a Safaricom – M-pesa enabled line. Most of these applications use M-pesa to transfer money.   

Kindly note that your credit score is key to accessing services from these instant loan Apps Kenya. 

Points to consider before borrowing

  • The urgency for borrowing – is it an emergency or can be done later 
  • Is it for a worthwhile reason?  
  • Are you in a position to pay back? 
  • Do you intend to pay back?  and so on. 

Summaries on Reliable Instant Loan Apps


Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Tala offers instant loans straight to your mobile phone up to KES 30,000 with fees as low as 4%. They are known for their exceptional customer service. They have flexible repayment plan, you can choose when to pay your loan whether in 31 days, 40 days 60 days and so much more. Tala allows you to choose the repayment date you are comfortable with. On top of that the amount you are supposed to pay will never change. They disburse their loans fast. Below is a link to download Tala App (click on the google play icon to download).  

Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Customer Help line:  Either Send text to  21991 or email   


Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Branch offers instant loans straight to your mobile phone from KES 250 to KES 100,000. They have flexible repayment plans ranging from 4 – 52 weeks. Their interests range from 1.7% – 17.6%. They don’t have late or rollover fees. They disburse their loans fast. Branch has a direct customer support line: +254 711 995555.  

Below is a link to download Branch App (click on the google play icon to download).   

Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Branch customer support email address Or call +254 711 995 555 


Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Okash offers loans from as low as KES 500 to a maximum of KES 50,000. These loans are normally for a period of 14 days (this is important to note before you apply). The loan amount disbursed is less the interest charged for instance if you qualify for KES 1,000 and the interest charged is KES 150, then you shall receive KES 850 on your phone.  They disburse their loans fast. 

Below is a link to download Okash App (click on the google play icon to download).  

Reliable Instant Loan Apps

Customer Support options: e-mail  or call 020-7659988 or reach out on their Facebook page: @OKashApp 


Berry offers instant loans from KES 500 to KES 50,000. Their repayment period is usually 30 days. The amount you qualify for is the amount you shall receive. They disburse their loans fast.  Below is a link to download Berry App (click on the google play icon to download). 

You can contact Berry’s customer support via email   


Zenka offers instant loans for at least 61 days repayment period. The loan amounts range from KES 500 to KES 30,000. Their processing fee is between 9-39% depending on the risk.  Their one-time charge processing fee range KES 45 – KES 5,800. Customers have an option to extending the repay to their loan amounts even up to 12 months (ZenkaFlexi option). 

Below is a link to download Zenka App (click on the google play icon to download). 


Timiza is a platform powered by ABSA Bank that does not require you to have an existing bank account to use it. It offers more than just instant loans. Other services include savings, bill payments, airtime purchase and so much more. Download it to find out more on its functionalities. When it comes to their instant loans, they offer amounts for as low as 1,000 for 30 days with a charge of 6.083%. Their disbursement is instant and you can transfer to you M-pesa line.  Below is a link to download Timiza App (click on the google play icon to download). 

You can reach the Timiza customer support via email: or  call +254 709 213 000 

KCB M-pesa

This is another platform where you can get instant loans on your mobile. It is found within the M-pesa menu on your Safaricom M-pesa enabled line. It can also be accessed via the M-pesa app. Click the link below to download the M-pesa app (click on the google play icon to download) .  

It offers loans as low as KES 500 for a month. It charges 8.64% interest for the one-month loan.  

You can reach the KCB Contact Centre via the following:  
Tel: +254 711 087 000 or +254 732 187 000 or +254 202 287 001 

KCB WhatsApp line: +254 711 087 087 


Send Text to 22522 

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