How to Access the M-pesa Global Virtual Card

M-pesa Global Virtual Card

Safaricom launches M-Pesa Global virtual card for international payments. The best thing yet from the technology giant. Safaricom is continuously imparting the world by revolutionizing money transfer. Seems like yesterday in 2007 when M-pesa appeared to be an odd way of transacting and now it seems impossible to do without it.  Now they have a virtual card that can be used to pay for transactions globally. 

The internet era has brought about its goods and challenges as well. Convenience is one thing that appears to be common in this era. Safaricom has just enhanced that with the launch of the Mpesa Virtual card which is simply convenience at its core. You no longer need a bank card to execute online transactions. I think wallets are being rendered obsolete because you don’t need to carry cards to perform transactions.

M-pesa Global Virtual Card enables Payment of popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple tv, Showmax  and all those entertainment payments can be done at your convenience. You can now conveniently make online purchases and pay for them without any inconvenience. It is highly unlikely for you to forget your phone, if that is not part of convenience, then i don’t know.  

How to Access the M-pesa Global Virtual Card

M-pesa Global Virtual Card will enable millions of users to make payments that are cashless, seamless, more inclusive and most especially secure.

The first thing you need is a phone, preferably a smart one. Then download the Mpesa App – Click here to download for android  or Here for Apple.   You can then activate the card via the M-PESA App by selecting M-PESA GlobalPay, under the “Pay” or “Grow” option.

The other option of activating the card is by dialing *334# then selecting option 6 for “Lipa Na M-PESA” followed by “M-PESA GlobalPay”. 

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