Telegram Vs Telegram X – Whats New!

Telegram Vs Telegram X – Whats New!

Telegram Vs Telegram X - Whats New!

So What New! Telegram Vs Telegram X: Telegram is perceived to be one of the most secure messaging app of its time. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. These are some of the features of the telegram app developed by Telegram FZ LLC

What is Telegram X

Simply put Telegram X is a superior version of the Telegram messaging app. With a new and easy to navigate interface and a darker icon from the usual blue. On Telegram X, there is a separation of chats and calls tabs which is something good compared to the regular Telegram app which didn’t have this. It also had a dedicated night mode tab. There is some much more on this app that words alone cannot help you picture the new experience. Click Here to find out more about Telegram X.

Main Features of Telegram X

  • Fast Messaging App that is free and secure
  • Telegram provides free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media
  • It has no limit on the size of your media and chats – you can have large group
  • The Safety feature of Telegram is so distinct. – It keeps your messages safe from hackers attacks.
  • Cloud Based – Telegram lets you access your messages from multiple devices.

Telegram X also features an Advanced mode which has a host of new features. They range from swiping actions to hiding keyboards to showing forward options and many more. If you have used the regular app, you will quickly notice these new and amazing features of the the Telegram X.

Download Telegram today: – Click on the Appropriate link below

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Telegram Vs Telegram X - Whats New!

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