New Safaricom Mpesa Go

New Safaricom Mpesa Go

The New Safaricom MPESA GO is a product specially designed for children between the age of 10 and 18 years. This product will enable the children between the ages of 10 and 18 years to use select Mpesa Services. This gives an opportunity to the young ones to start managing their pocket money early and in a safe space. This also opens up the young one to the cashless future with Mpesa. 

How to Get Started on the New Safaricom MPESA GO

These are the key things that you need to have or do in order to access the New Safaricom MPESA GO: 

  • You need to have a Safaricom line and a functional phone or a mobile device that has a sim slot.
  • You need to opt out of Fuliza, Halal Pesa and Pochi la Biashara if you had opted in on the line you wish to convert.
  • Pay any outstanding loans on KCB M-PESA and/or M-Shwari on the line you wish to convert.
  • Ensure you withdraw any savings from the line you wish to convert.
  • You need to have a clear, upright image of your child’s birth certificate.

How to Register for Mpesa Go

Registration can happen through the following ways:

  • Independently by the parent, through an online onboarding portal. (for parents with lines already being used by their children).
  • By visiting any Safaricom shop/agent – buy a line and get directly registered on M-PESA GO. – You don’t need to go with your child but you need to go with a clear copy of their birth certificate. 

Kindly note that you can only have up to four (4) M-PESA GO accounts under your M-PESA profile as a parent.

How to add the Mpesa Go to your profile as a parent.

After registering your child to the M-PESA GO account through the self-onboarding portal, you will still need to add it to your profile. Below is a procedure of how to go about this. 

Dial the USSD *334# then go to  My Account  then Manage Junior Account then Manage Junior Relationship and then Add Junior Customer. After this enter Junior mobile number followed by Entering Child date of birth and finally Enter M-PESA PIN (parent’s)

You will then receive a notification of successful addition of the Junior account.

How to Access the MPESA GO Services

You can access the New Safaricom MPESA GO Services via the following ways 

  • The M-PESA Go APP
  • The STK (Sim Tool Kit)

What Services can be accessed on MPESA GO?

Your child can access the following services on MPESA GO: 

  • Send and receive money services.
  • Lipa na M-PESA Paybill and Merchant Payments.
  • Buy Airtime
  • Buy Bundles
  • My Account services.

Kindly note that you can enable and disable these services on your child’s M-PESA GO account. 

Mpesa Services prohibited on MPESA GO.

Your Child may not access the following services on the New Safaricom MPESA GO:

  • Any payments to all betting companies.
  • All loans and saving products – e.g. Mshwari, KCB M-PESA and Fuliza.
  • The Withdraw Cash – which requires an ID number to be shown.
  • All Payments to Political parties.

How to Manage your Child’s MPESA GO Account

As the Parent, you will be able to manage your child’s M-PESA GO account on your handset. 

Here is how to go about it:  Dial *334# on your handset where you will get the following options.

  • Manage services.
  • Enable and disable any services.
  • Manage Junior Relationships.
  • Add / Remove any junior Accounts.
  • View Junior Accounts list.
  • View Junior Account Info.
  • Query account balance.
  • View last 5 transactions.

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