Benefits of KOKO Cooker – New Smart Cooking Option

Benefits of KOKO Cooker

Benefits of KOKO Cooker – New Smart Cooking Option

Benefits of KOKO Cooker:  KOKO is the New Smart Cooking Option to say the least. We have enlisted some of the benefits of KOKO Cooker. At the top of the list is efficiency and effectiveness in preparing your delicious meals. It has several benefits but we shall share just a few. Talk about leaving your cooking pans clean and saving your pockets. Check out more benefits below. 


Affordability is one of the key benefits of KOKO Cooker. Commodity prices are on the rise on a daily basis to a point of you referring to the prices often before making a purchase. The KOKO network has come up with an affordable cooking option for you. Imagine having a complete two burner cooker for less than KES 2,000. Stop imagining and proceed to buy a new cooker because this is a fact. Check out how to buy New KOKO CookerClick Here.  

The purchasing is not the only affordable part but also the refilling of the KOKO fuel (clean ethanol cooking fuel). You can refill your fuel for as low as KES 30. This implies that you can make your meals for as low as KES 30. If this is not a saving plan I don’t know what is.

The other affordable part of KOKO is that you can pay for it at your own pace – Lipa Mdogo Mdogo. You can start by making a deposit for as low as KES 100. Imagine you can be paying KES 100 daily and within 20 days you will have completed paying for a KOKO cooker. 

Easy to Register and Acquire the Two Burner Cooker.

The registration process is simple and straightforward and on top of that you have several options to register. We have detailed for you the registration process here – Check out how to buy a New KOKO Cooker. Remember to use the KOKO invitation Code 2NLDN.  If the process is complicated for you, a KOKO Agent will help you to register. This is simplicity. Check out their network of Agents conveniently located near you. 


KOKO really gave a great thought of safety when they were making these two burners. Safety first is important. KOKO fuel is not as highly flammable as other cooking options therefore the risk of explosion is low. The cooker or stove has some enhanced safety features, one being that you cannot open the refueling point while cooking or while the cooker is on. You can also not turn on the cooker when the refueling point is open. Your Kitchen is safe with KOKO. 


The cooker is portable. This implies that you don’t need to carry several heavy cooking apparatus to set your cooking area. With KOKO you only need to carry the cooker which is not heavy. The refueling bottle is also light and simple to carry. It has a strap that makes it easy to carry it. 

Share KOKO Credit

Sharing is one of the Benefits of KOKO Cooker. Sharing is caring and KOKO gives you the option of sharing your credit with other KOKO registered users. This implies that you can help out a neighbour in need. 

You can Earn

Earning is one of the Benefits of KOKO Cooker. Yes you can earn by simply referring others to use KOKO as well as becoming one of the KOKO Agents. Check out their website for more details – Click Here  or Click Here to view their Contacts.

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