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Optiven Contacts

Optiven Contacts 

Optiven Contacts : Below are the Optiven Contacts  

Optiven Contacts

Optiven Contacts: Their Head Office is located at Absa Towers (Formerly Barclays Plaza) on Loita street 14th floor Wing A.
Postal Address: P. O Box 623-00600 Nairobi, Kenya
Optiven Telephone Contact: +254 790 300300, or +254 723 400 500 

Optiven Diaspora Contacts: +254 790 667 799,  

Diaspora Email: diaspora@optiven.co.ke  

Customer Service Email: info@optiven.co.ke  

Website: https://www.optiven.co.ke/ 


About Optiven  

Optiven is a leading brand in the region and has a number of flourishing Strategic Business Units (SBUs) that include Optiven Real Estate, Optiven Construction, Optiven Insurance,  Optiven Homes and Optiven Water. The firm has also gained a foothold into the hospitality industry with its GMC Place in Kitengela and two food franchises that include Eagle Peak Spur and Panarottis. 

Optiven also has a soft arm, which undertakes charity works, by the name Optiven Foundation. The Foundation has so far been involved in numerous philanthropic works in its quest to transform the social well being of thousands of Kenyans. 

Optiven is captained by its Founder and CEO, George Wachiuri, and is rightly living up to its mission, which is to create an environment that positively transforms its staff, customers and all its stakeholders through offering state of the art products and services. 

The firm aims at creating over 30, 000 direct employees by the year 2030. It has continued to be a differentiated and trusted name that regularly receives accolades both inside and outside Kenya. Optiven has also empowered over 10, 000 Kenyans to own property and also directly and indirectly employed about 2, 000 employees across the real estate and hospitality sector. 


Optiven Mission 

To create an Environment that Positively Transforms our Staff, Customers and other Stakeholders through offering state of the Art Products and Services. 

Optiven Vision 

To be the champions of Social Economic Transformation 

  • Core Values 
  • Professionalism 
  • Honesty 
  • Customer Obsession 
  • Innovation 

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